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Estimated Total Cost of Attendance - Net Price Calculator

Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing at Lehigh Valley Health Network annually publishes all Tuition and Fees for the current academic year.  However, we think it is important for prospective students to have a realistic estimate of the total cost of the entire program, including the required first year, prerequisite coursework, so that the student can better plan for their educational experience.

Based on current prices, and assuming that the student takes and completes the entire program as scheduled, the estimated cost of the entire three year educational experience is estimated at $40,000. See itemized breakdown below:

Pre-Program Costs
Application Fee: $50 due when student make application to the program
Commitment Fee: $75 due when student signs their “letter of intent” and enrolls in the program

First Year PSU* Costs
Tuition for year one: $14,072 for entire year ($7,036 per semester)
Fees for year one (PSU): $844 ($422 per semester)
PSU Textbooks and Supplies: $1,200 ($600 per semester)

*Assumes student takes all pre-nursing courses as scheduled at PSU. Many students take the required first year coursework at other colleges or universities and transfer them into the program. Students should estimate the tuition and fees for the college they plan on attending.

Enrollment Fee - $50 due after student successfully completes all required first year coursework and student is cleared to start the nursing portion of the program.

Second Year School of Nursing Costs
Uniforms and Supplies: $500
Nursing Textbooks: $1,200
Health Assessment and Vaccinations: $100
Criminal Background Checks and FBI Fingerprinting: $50
Second Year Tuition: $13,785 ($4,595 per term x 3)
Second Year Fees: $840 ($280 per term x 3)

Third Year School of Nursing Costs
Third Year Tuition: $13,785 ($4,595 per term x3)
Third Year Fees: $840
Nursing Textbooks for Specialty Courses: $500
Graduation Fee: $225

All students commute to the program daily. Students should estimate the cost of transportation to and from the program based on the location of their residence. Students should also estimate the cost of their daily living expenses such as room and board, child care expenses, etc., when calculating the total cost of an education.

NET PRICE CALCULATOR: First time Freshman students should refer to the website of the college or university that the student is taking their first year prerequisite nursing courses to view the estimated net price of a Freshman education at that university. Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing does not administer financial aid to any first time Freshman student.